About Me

About Me

Well, hello!

I’m Marysia* and welcome to Canvases + Cakes! I’m so glad you’re here!

I love food and everything you can create with it.  At Canvases + Cakes you’ll find recipes for some of my favorite meals and desserts (with a large emphasis on desserts). But first…

A little about myself:

I began baking in college, when the stress of midterms and finals was too much to handle and I needed something else to occupy my mind, if only for an hour or so. Soon, I started experimenting with baking and cooking and, while I would never really consider myself a creative person, I had suddenly found a creative outlet! Well, that creative outlet got a little tricky when I found that I couldn’t really process dairy all that well… and then wheat too.** So, I now spend a lot of my time taking my favorite recipes and trying to make them into something enjoyable (and digestible) for both me and my family & friends.

I hope you enjoy this website. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and suggest recipes for me to try or exhibits for me to visit!


*Pronunciation: Marisha.

**A note on the recipes: I am lactose intolerant, but I am not allergic to dairy. I have trouble processing wheat in large amounts, but I do not have Celiac Disease. No, I do not think that lactose or wheat are bad for you- I am just one of the poor, unfortunate souls who feel much better without much or any of that in my meals. If you have an allergy to dairy or wheat, please be careful when using my recipes, as some may have small or trace amounts of either of these.

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